`Should the number of foreign students be reduced?’

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2nd February 2011: The eight-week national consultation on reform of the student route to the UK, which closed on 31 January, saw proposals being made to reduce the number of people coming to the UK to study at below degree level; and introducing a tougher English language requirement.
Soon after the consultations, Immigration Minister Damian Green reiterated the Government’s plans to review student visas in a speech to the think tank Reform.

But Green’s assertion was met by voices in favour of the foreign students. Some people reacted by saying the USA is welcoming foreign students and allowing work opportunities. Why can’t the UK? they questioned.
Some others were of the view that inability of the local graduates to compete against foreign students educated under the same system was an indicator of flaws in the British students and not the foreign ones.
Though the public consultations have drawn to a close, Foreigners in UK is seeking your opinion on the issue in `Poser of the month’. Say `Yes’, `No’ or `I don’t know’ to the question `Should the number of foreign students be reduced?’

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