Sign petition asking Theresa May to end unlawful freeze on asylum support rates

Refugee Action has launched an online petition asking Home Secretary Theresa May to end the unlawful freeze on asylum support rates.

Ms May will review support rates policy by 9th August 2014.

“Everyone has the legal right to seek asylum. But in the UK, waiting for an asylum decision can take months. The freeze on the asylum support rate leaves asylum seekers unable to meet their essential living needs during this time,” says the petition.

Refugee Action says that 43% of those they asked had missed meals; 88% couldn't buy clothes; and 43% couldn't afford even basic toiletries.

“Please sign our petition, and ask the Home Secretary to raise asylum support to 70% of the equivalent level of income support when she reviews it by August 9th 2014. This was the rate before 2011, and an increase to this level would enable asylum seekers to meet their essential living needs. It's time to end this unlawful freeze and bring back dignity to the asylum support system. Please take action now,” says the petition.


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