Skilled workers are leaving Britain

Many people leave now for fear of unemployment, say immigration specialist
13 January 2009 – More skilled workers than ever are leaving Britain in search of a new start overseas. The UK immigration specialist has revealed that emigration enquiries are up more than 50% on the same time last year, with people seeking advice about moving to America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

A study of 220 countries by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), published in 2008, named the UK as the worst offender at holding onto home-grown talent, losing more than one in ten of its most skilled people.

The number of people leaving the UK is higher than any other country in the 29 member OECD. A staggering 3.247 million skilled workers now live abroad compared to 860,000 from Germany, 410,000 from the US and 370,000 from France.

Liam Clifford, the managing director of, commented: "With the prospect of redundancy looming ever closer, job security in the UK is as weak as the pound overseas. Skilled workers are preparing to leave in their thousands.”

He adds, “Many people are preparing to leave now in the belief that they are jumping before they are forced into unemployment.”

Clifford concludes: “Canada and Australia continue to lure skilled workers from the UK; both are presently recruiting hard to fill skills shortages while we are in the grips of this recession. Our figures prove that the UK is at the beginning of a mass migration movement.”

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