Smiley Culture’s death leads to demand for changes to minimise suspicious deaths

Demands include cameras in police vans, non-affiliation of IPCC with police

18th April 2011:
Tragic rapper-cum-Dj Smiley Culture’s death has brought about a demand for carrying out vital changes to legislation to possibly minimise the numbers of suspicious deaths.

The development assumes significance as suspicious deaths come out to be one a week for the past decade.

The demand came during a protest rally organised for demanding a public probe into Smiley’s death.

Smiley Culture, alias David Emmanuel, died from a stab wound following a dawn raid by five Met police officers on his house in Warlingham.

The police has been claiming he stabbed himself, but the family is disputing the claim.
The demands include cameras in police vans and non-affiliation of Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) members with the police.

Demand for public probe into Smiley Culture’s death gains momentum

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