Smiley Culture’s family to seek a public inquiry into his death

Police claims he stabbed himself; family disputes the claim 1st April, 2011: Smiley Culture’s family will be seeking a public inquiry into his death.

Smiley Culture, alias David Emmanuel, died from a stab wound following a dawn raid by five Met police officers on his house in Warlingham, Surrey. The police has been claiming he stabbed himself, but the family is disputing the claim.
There will be a private family funeral and a march will be held on Saturday 16 April 2011, from Wandsworth to Scotland Yard, central London.

Describing Smiley as a big brother to him, his nephew Merlin Emmanuel said the family would soon seek the probe.

Hundreds of people also gathered in Brixton for a meeting organised by Smiley Culture’s family a week after the reggae artist died following a police raid at his home.

The Institute of Race Relations said the aisles were full, people were perched on tables and on the steps leading to the stage even before the meeting started.

Resentful and full of anger, the crowd could be seen stamping its feet and raising slogans of ‘murderers’ during the evening event.

Addressing the gathering, Lee Jasper brought alive the memory of one of the first Black deaths in custody — David Oluwale, whose body was found 1969.

Also addressing the crowd, Mike Franklin from the Independent Police Complaints Commission talked about the IPCC investigation and how independent it would be. He also discussed the terms of reference for the IPCC probe, which plans to examine the use of the section 8 search warrant (PACE) and whether it was proportionate and reasonable; whether risk assessments were adequate and proportionate; and investigate the communication between the Met and Surrey police and whether it was in accordance with agreed protocols.

Smiley Culture’s nephew Merlin Emmanuel came out with an inspiring speech. Speaking in a tone punctuated with emotions, he established a link between the disempowerment of Black communities across the UK and the international struggles of communities in Egypt and Libya.

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