`Social engineering played a part in the UK’s migration policy’

A previously unseen paper suggests efforts were made to boost multi-culturalism: critics

10th February 2019:
Social engineering has played a part in migration policy, a previously unseen but now released document suggests.

The paper asserts migration not only enhances economic growth, but has general benefits as well; and a new policy framework is needed to maximize the contribution of migration to the Government’s wider social aims.

The paper, rather, says in categorical terms migration will enhance economic growth. Any attempts to halt or reverse it could be economically damaging. The paper, written in 2000 when immigration began to increase dramatically, says controls are contrary to policy objectives and could lead to social exclusion

The release comes at a time when the opinion on Britain benefiting from multiculturalism is gaining credence. Only recently, former Downing Street adviser Andrew Neather had claimed mass migration was encouraged by Labour ministers over the past decade to make the UK truly multicultural, and plug in the gaps in the labour market. He had asserted the policy has made London a more attractive and diverse place.

Neather, who worked as a speechwriter for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, had asserted the mass influx of migrant workers was neither a mistake, nor a miscalculation. It was rather a policy the party preferred not to reveal to its core voters.

But the release of the paper has resulted in the critics accusing the government of pursuing a secret policy of encouraging mass immigration for its own political ends.

The critics insist the document suggest Labour’s migration policy over the past decade has been aimed at meeting the country’s economic needs, along with “social objectives”.
This, they assert, is significant as the Government has always denied that social engineering has played a part in its migration policy.

Reacting to the development, the Conservatives called for an independent inquiry into the issue. It was alleged the document showed Labour had overseen a deliberate open-door ­policy on immigration to boost multi-culturalism.

The existence of the draft policy paper, drawn up by a Cabinet Office think tank and a Home Office research unit, was disclosed last year by Neather. But the full document has now been made public following a Freedom of Information request by Migrationwatch, a pressure group.

Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migrationwatch, said Labour had a political agenda which they sought to conceal for initiating mass mmigration to Britain. Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, accused the Government of having a secret policy. This showed that Labour’s open-door immigration policy was deliberate, and ministers should apologise, he said.

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