Stay at home, Africans advised

Omar Ba: “This migratory wave is draining Africa of its lifeblood” 15th May 2009: Africans have been advised to stay at home instead of risking their lives to go to Europe to live a miserable life.

According to Omar Ba, from Senegal, finding a job or a place to live in Europe is almost impossible. The people are also unfriendly, Times reported.

Ba holds that bad government in Africa is responsible for the tragic deaths at sea of thousands of would-be immigrants, and not Europe’s immigration policies. “If Africa provided just a minimum for its people, do you think so many would leave?” he said.

Ba has written a book “I Came, I Saw, I Believe No More” in which he narrates his experience as an immigrant in Europe.

He says that many Africans are lured to Europe by hopes of prosperity drummed into them from an early age by a society reliant on remittances from overseas workers. But it didn’t take Ba long to discover that Europe was not the paradise that his family and teachers had promised. He was in fact shocked to discover that some Europeans were homeless, poor and sick.

Ba writes that many immigrants are homeless, and turning to drink and crime. “Before stepping on European soil, I never knew what stress was . . . in Africa it is impossible to have a salary at the end of the month and be depressed.”

He also notes that African immigrants prefer to perpetuate the myth about the good life, even if it means incurring debt to send money home to relatives who treat them as cash cows. “It is a matter of honour,” writes Ba. “We do not want to admit failure. The family would not accept it.”

“This migratory wave is draining Africa of its lifeblood,” he writes. “I want young Africans to listen to reason. Europe is not worth risking their life for. There they will find only suffering and failure.”

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