‘Stop Islam, defend freedom’, says controversial Dutch MP

Geert Wilders favours outlawing immigration from Islamic countries

16th July 2010: Geert Wilders wants to ‘stop Islam, defend freedom’. The controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP is actually in favour of outlawing immigration from Islamic countries to the West and a ban on Islamic law.




All set to spread anti-Muslim movement to the UK, Wilders claims he is coming out with an international alliance to spread the `stop Islam’ message to Britain and across the West. The intention is to ban immigration from Islamic countries.

Wilders hopes to launch the movement late this year initially in five countries — the US, Canada, Britain, France and Germany.

Wilders said at the Dutch parliament the message is not only important for the Netherlands, but for the whole free Western world

He also hopes the moment eventually will produce its own lawmakers or influence other legislators.

Calling on "well meaning people in Europe to oppose this", spokesman for Dutch Muslims Ayhan Tonca expressed apprehension that the message may evoke favourable response in much of Europe as anti-Islam sentiment has been growing for years.

Relating it to economy, he said as long as things are going badly with the economy, a lot of people would always need a scapegoat. As of now, it is the Muslims in Western Europe."

Even though he has to have round-the-clock protection cover due to death threat, Wilders has all along been describing Islam a "fascist" religion and has seen his support in the Netherlands rise in recent years.

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