Stop making empty promises on immigration, UKIP tells Tories

UKIP has criticised promises of policy changes on immigration coming from the Tory conference.

UKIP spokesman on Justice and Home Affairs Gerard Batten MEP accused the Conservatives of a "con job".

"These latest pronouncements on curbing EU immigration are a lazy Tory con job,” Mr. Batten said, adding that Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May “are trying to convince their voters and supporters, currently haemorrhaging to UKIP, to stay put.”

Mr. Batten warned the voters to beware of the Tory Party’s empty words. “The proposal to curb EU immigration is contrary to EU law and cannot become law in the UK,” Mr. Batten said. "The Tory Party cannot do what they say they are going to do. I think it would be much more honest if they gave the British people a simple choice to be in or out of the EU rather than lead them on a merry dance as they are doing now.”
What the Tory Party is proposing “is against EU law and impossible to change while we are members of the EU's political union,” Mr. Batten said. “An EU treaty change would require the unanimous consent of every member state and that is simply not going to happen."

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