`Students should study Maths till 18′

Major modifications needed on studying maths: report

9th August 2011:
Coming to England with your family? Let your little ones be prepared to study maths till they leave the school.    
Maths expert Carol Vorderman in a report has suggested that students should be made to study maths until they leave school at 18.

The Tory party had asked the former Countdown star to evaluate maths teaching standards in England. Her report has asked for major modifications to how the subject is handled.

Carol Vorderman said 22 per cent of pupils aged 16-19 were practically “innumerate" with no basic hold of maths and arithmetic.

Carol also branded it intolerable that just 15 per cent of pupils took maths after their GCSEs at 16. Carol asserted that by 2015, pupils must stay in full-time education until they are 18.

She elaborated maths studies should be necessary to that age, like in most major nations. Her report suggested: "Employers complain at the low level of new employees’ mathematical competence and now many hold numeracy courses."

She added that the failed system that permits students give up all maths at 16 was against common practice in most industrialised nations and there was an urgent need for change.

Her report further added that kids should learn personal finance to stop them falling into money owing when they grow older. Carol said that without major changes in maths education quickly,” we risk our future prosperity."

Carol insisted that it did not mean making maths harder. It meant making the teaching better and the subject matter more appropriate. Education Secretary Michael Gove said the report would help as the ministers were reviewing the national curriculum

Elaborating on the subject Carol said Maths was a language of science, commerce, industry, internet and entire global infrastructure. But for major parts of UK population, it was a language they could not speak.

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