Suspense-filled movie “Feast of Varana” to be premiered at London Asian Film Festival

Feast of Varanasi

“Feast of Varanasi”, the gritty and suspense-filled movie by British director Rajan Kumar Patel will receive its world premiere at the18th London Asian Film Festival.

The thriller provides a visual feast of the great northern Indian city of Varanasi – the spiritual capital of India situated on the banks of the River Ganges.

The story centres around a spate of gruesome killings, where four young girls have been burned to death.

Feast of VaranasiBeyond the capabilities of the local police force, a CBI officer from New Delhi is sent to investigate. For officer Arjun Das, it’s a return to his home and a city he left behind. What he discovers goes beyond anything he imagined and as ‘Holi’ the festival of colour approaches, the killer prepares to claim the greatest sacrifice of all and in doing so, attain moksha (emancipation, liberation or release).

“Feast of Varanasi” is a compelling, tense drama, which will throw up some unexpected surprises for even the most avid of thriller fans.

Commenting on the inspiration for the script and why he took the leap into filmmaking, debut director Patel said: “The idea of the film came after I attended a funeral in London. As the coffin passed through the veil and vanished, I was transported to the shores of the Ganges where I looked upon the dying flames of a funeral pyre and a lone priest watching over it. My thoughts turned deeper and I found myself wondering if this priest was as pure as he looked or whether there was mischief under his skin. Therein I found myself my first character – Nana, the reclusive priest. I came home and shared the idea with my wife. I knew by her reaction that I had to write the story. Five years later, it’s an incredible honour to be premiering the film in London. I hope the audience approves.”

The “Feast of Varanasi” will premiere at Cineworld, Haymarket as part of the London Asian Film Festival on 5th March. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with director Patel and cast.

The movie will be showing in UK cinemas from 18th March.

Watch the official trailer below


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