Takeaways in UK to lose flavour, as Government clamps down on migrant chefs

Immigration Minister favours stricter rules on hiring skilled cooks 14th March 2011: Takeaways in the UK may lose some of their flavour, as the Government clamps down on migrant chefs.
As Immigration Minister Damian Green has favoured stricter rules on hiring skilled cooks and new Home Office restrictions on overseas recruitment of skilled migrants comes into force, the business may turn sour for so many takeaways offering British, Indian and Chinese cuisines

Green has decided to put on the backburner recruitment of migrant chefs from outside Europe in any establishment that provides a takeaway service.

The proposal is a part of a larger programme to impose further immigration restrictions. As a result of these, eight jobs are to be removed from the official shortage occupation list, under which skilled migrants from outside Europe can come to work in Britain.

The decision finds in it an echo of Labour government’s 2008 resolution to confine the influx of skilled cooks and chefs. But the decision had not gone down well with the people.

It resulted in a demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square, with thousands of Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Turks and Chinese gathering to air their resentment.

Green said the changes to the shortage occupation list will ensure that only skilled workers are coming to the UK through tier two of the points-based system. It will allow firms to bring in people with necessary skills without migrants becoming the first resort to fill a wide range of available jobs.
He added the government was also determined to get people back to work and provide business with the skills they need from the British workforce – reducing the need for migrants at the same time as we reduce their number.

Already, it is clear that the path to the UK is expected to hit a roadblock for high integrity pipe welders, skilled meat boners, skilled meat trimmers and skilled senior care workers.

Only recently, Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended removing these job titles from the UK shortage occupation list.

Giving details, the UK Border Agency said: `The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended that eight job titles be removed from the UK shortage occupation list.

`This follows the MAC’s recommendation last month that 71 occupations be removed from the list of occupations that qualify for Tier 2 of the points-based system. This is to meet the government’s objective of raising the skill level of Tier 2 to National Qualifications Framework level 4 and above (NQF4+).

`To bring the shortage occupation list into line with the rest of Tier 2, the MAC has recommended removing job titles including high integrity pipe welder, skilled meat boner and skilled meat trimmer and skilled senior care worker….

`Some job titles are also recommended for amendment. The MAC found that only a small proportion of chefs are skilled to NQF4+. Chef jobs on the list are, therefore, recommended to be restricted to those requiring a minimum of five years relevant experience and paying at least £28,260 per year.

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