The Conservatives all for attracting highly qualified graduates to the UK

It’s vital for future prosperity, Green says. The Conservatives to launch a drive for getting more highly qualified migrants

07 October 2009: Even as the government is implementing point-based system for giving preference to migrants “beneficial” to the UK, the Conservatives have asserted they are in favour of attracting more entrepreneurs and highly qualified graduates to the UK, than rival economies — Japan or the US included.

Describing Britain as a global trading nation, Shadow minister Damian Green said it was vital for future prosperity; and the party would also initiate a drive for getting more highly qualified migrants to come to the UK.

Addressing a Tory conference meeting in Manchester, Green, in fact, made it clear they wanted to attract the brightest and the best; and wanted to achieve an immigration system akin to the Australian system.

Elaborating, he said the Australian system was having quotas for some professions, and was setting targets for highly qualified migration.

At the same time, has reiterated the party’s demand to place an overall annual limit on their numbers. The party would retain the government’s points based migration system, but will place an annual limit, which would help reduce the volume of low skilled migration, while paving way for more high grade workers, he said
Green insisted it was important to control immigration by imposing an overall cap on the numbers to reduce the burden on public services and lessen social tensions.

Green was also concerned over the government’s earned citizenship scheme, which was encouraging people to volunteer for activities, including helping political parties, among other things. He was of the opinion Britain was really lucky as a country, as the massive unplanned influx of migrants from Eastern Europe involved hard working and respectable people.

The assertion comes soon after Home Secretary Alan Johnson said he was in favour of bringing in more skilled migrants, while virtually closing the doors to the unskilled workers.

Johnson has already made it clear the government has a duty to make the case for yet more immigration, as a continuing influx of workers from across the seas would only boost the country’s economy. “I don’t think a cap is the answer because the problem with a cap is it’s an arbitrary figure, and what you need to do is to ensure that you make the case – and there is a very strong case – for the importance to our economy of migration,” Johnson had only recently asserted.

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