Three years after Reece Robinson-Webber was chased to death, family mulling action


Reece Robinson-Webber’s family is making an allowance for legal action, following an independent investigation into his death.

The boy was killed during a police chase. From Tulse Hill, he died when after his moped rammed against a brick wall in Lancaster Avenue. At the time of the incident, he was being pursued by police along Greenhurst Road, West Norwood.

The contemplation of legal action follows last months report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). It found the officer’s actions were “inconsistent” with senior police guidelines.

IPC C had also recommended changes to the Metropolitan Police Service’s protocol on pursuits.

Reece’s aunt, Kristy Bell, from Croydon, expressed disappointment and concern after it came out that none of the officers involved was to face disciplinary action.

Bell categorically asserted the family were now taking into consideration whether to initiate legal action against the police.

She said mistakes were made all round, however it seems only Reece was paying the price. She added the family was not totally blaming the police, but someone had to take some responsibility.

“Though he was only 15 when he died, Reece had an old soul. I miss him greatly – we all do,” she said.

IPCC said Lambeth officers asked Reece to stop when they saw him driving on a Streatham estate on August 29, 2008. He ignored their requests and sped away.

At that time, the teenager was travelling to a family friend’s 50th birthday party. He fell off his moped and was given first aid by police, but died after being rushed to hospital by ambulance.

An inquest at Southwark Coroner’s Court on December 12 recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Bell said they were not happy with the ruling. It was a bit of a conflicting verdict in the end, because it says on the one hand they could have done more, but it does not say what difference that would have made.

“We knew there were not going to be any criminal charges, but what we did find really interesting is that the official procedures have changed- obviously it had an impact on that. There must have been things wrong in the first place.”

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