Tony Blair to Labour: Curbing immigration would be disaster for Britain

UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned Labour against chasing UKIP’s nasty policies to curb immigration.

Ending immigration, Mr Blair said, would be a "disaster for this country".

He advised Labour to take a stronger stand against UKIP.

“Let’s be clear: we don’t think that UKIP’s right, not on immigration and not on Europe – so the first thing you’ve got to be really careful of doing is… saying things that suggest that they’re kind of justified in their policy, because what you’re actually going to do is validate their argument when in fact you don’t believe in it,” he told Progress magazine.

He added that Labour should not “end up chasing after the policies of a party like UKIP, who you don’t agree with, whose policies would take this country backwards economically, politically, in every conceivable way, and who, ultimately, at the heart of what they do, have a rather nasty core of prejudice that none of us believe in, which you’ve actually got to take on and fight. So the way to deal with this is to deal with it by what you believe.”

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