Tory plans of cap on immigration comes under fire

Business leaders warn Tory plans would upset ‘Chinese and Indians’

14th April 2010: Even as Tory spokeswoman said the party was “not planning a draconian cap that would stand for all eternity but one that would change yearly”, the Tory plans have come under fire.

Business leaders have warned that Britain’s standing on the global financial stage would be severely damaged by Conservative plans to stop the inflow of economic migrants.

David Cameron has already made it clear that he is in favour of slashing annual immigration by 80 per cent, if the Tories win the general election.

The business leaders believe the Tory plans to place a cap on immigration would eventually upset ‘the Chinese and Indians’.

Known for its tough stand against the Tory policies on immigration, London First said the details available so far showed the proposal had “no logic at all”.

Describing the Tory plan as populist, the group representing City firms, banks and companies the move to curb economic migrants threatened Britain’s position as a global commercial centre.

Even London First’s chief executive Baroness Jo Valentine said indications were Tory proposals were illogical. She also blamed the party of making the proposals to ‘appease the populist voice’.

She said the manner in which they built their links with the economies of Far East, Brazil, Russia, India and China was absolutely fundamental to London’s future. She insisted irritating the Chinese and Indians would not be clever.

The manifesto to be launched by David Cameron says immigration has enriched the nation. The Tories are, in fact, insisting they want to attract “the brightest and the best people” who can help the economy grow.


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