UEFA approves tougher sanctions against racism

The European Football Association (UEFA) has announced tougher sanctions to efficiently fight against racist behaviour at football matches.

Under the new disciplinary regulations, in case of discriminatory behaviour by spectators, there will be a partial stadium closure for the first offence and a full stadium closure for the second such offence coupled with a €50,000 fine.

And in case of discriminatory behaviour by players or officials, there will be a minimum 10-match ban.

The minimum ban for insulting match officials has been increased from two to three matches, and assault on match officials will now result in a minimum 15-match ban, from the previous 10-match ban.

Additional power has also been granted to the UEFA disciplinary bodies, allowing them to take action should a UEFA member association fail to punish, or punish in an inappropriate manner, offences harming the essence of football, and notably offences of match-fixing, corruption and doping.

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