UK becoming all the more diverse and multi-ethnic

Around one in four babies is born to a mother born outside the UK 17th August 2011: The UK is becoming a more diverse and multi-ethnic place to live in. Around one in four babies is born to a mother born outside the UK.
It is also predicted that Britain will have the highest population in Europe within 40 years at the current rate and will overtake both Germany and France.

The figures released by Eurostat, the statistical arm of the EU, show Britain’s population is growing at more than twice the European average.

In fact, the population in the UK rose by 400,000 last year. The rise was almost a third of the increase across all 27 EU countries.

A substantial percentage of the rise is attributed to high levels of migration and a baby boom.
The figures from Eurostat has given rise to the belief that England is becoming the most crowded country in Europe.

Statistically speaking, UK’s population growth of 409,000 in 2010 is 30 per cent of the 1.4million added to numbers across the whole EU.

In other words, Britain’s population increased at a rate of 6.6 new people for every 1,000 already in the country. It was more than double the EU average rate of 2.8 for every 1,000.

Only Belgium, Sweden, Malta and Luxembourg witnessed higher rates of increase.

Reacting, Sir Andrew Green of the MigrationWatch think tank, said this was a result of Labour’s immigration policies which brought in three million migrants, raising our population both directly and indirectly.

Many of the additional births over the past ten years have been to mothers born outside the UK.’

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