UK Border Agency calls for views on fees for immigration, visa services

Earned citizenship to be introduced in July 2011

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10th September 2009: With the government all set to introduce earned citizenship in July 2011, the UK Border Agency has launched a public consultation on the fees for its immigration and visa services.
The Home Office said: In order to be able to implement the fees for this new scheme, we are running a public consultation to seek views on proposals for earned citizenship fees. We also want to use this opportunity to consult more widely on charges for our services so that we can give customers greater flexibility and offer more tailored services.
“The purpose of this consultation is to get genuine early input into how we continue to charge for immigration and visa services and contribute towards delivering our objectives. This will help us to balance the interests of those who use our services, in terms of the price paid for their application to be considered, with the interests of the United Kingdom taxpayer, who will continue to support the immigration system that brings benefits and enrichment to this country.
“We are keen to hear from customers and stakeholders on this topic, to help shape our thinking on the products and services under consideration for possible introduction over the next few years. This will support our immigration and visa system, and will ensure that the UK Border Agency can continue to offer a world-class level of service.
“The consultation is open for 12 weeks, from 9 September 2009 to 1 December 2009, and we welcome your comments. Responses to the consultation should be emailed to the Charging Consultation Team, or you can post your reply to: Charging Consultation Team, UK Border Agency, Block B, 10th Floor East, Whitgift Centre, 15 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 1AT”.
You can also respond to the consultation online. All responses must be received no later than midnight on 1 December 2009. You can download the consultation document and a response form below. If you require a hard copy of the document and form, email the Charging Consultation Team or phone 020 8604 6709.
Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: ‘I believe that it is fair that those who benefit from using our immigration system should help fund it, and we will continue to use charges to recover part of our costs.
‘This consultation is part of an ongoing process to ensure we can run a modern and efficient system that welcomes legitimate migrants and balances the interests of both the users of the system and the UK taxpayer.
‘Already migrants contribute over £650 million towards our costs. This goes to fund the 25,000 staff who work in local communities, at the border and in 135 countries around the world.’

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