UK Border Agency celebrates six months of success

Woolas: The Border Force keeping illegal immigrants out of the UK

10 October 2008: UK Border Agency (UKBA) is celebrating six months of what the Home Office terms “success” in securing UK’s borders.

Created in April 2008, the UKBA was formed by uniting the Border and Immigration Agency, Customs at the border and UKvisas. The Agency has created a strong new force at the border which is among the most secure in the world.

Since the creation of UKBA, more drugs and weapons have been seized, more foreign criminals removed and more illegal immigrants stopped trying to cross the border than ever before.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: "Our Border Force has been in action since day one getting real results, keeping drugs off our streets and illegal immigrants out of the UK. We’re currently undergoing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s borders for over 45 years with a person removed every eight minutes."

Some of the successful operations of UKBA inlcude stopping over 3,700 dangerous weapons, including firearms, stun guns and knives reaching the street.

It has also prevented over 10,200 individuals attempting to cross the channel illegally, and searched over half a million freight vehicles to ensure that they were not attempting to bring illegal immigrants in to the country.

The agency has seized £172 million worth of illegal drugs, detected and confiscated more than 1,000 forged documents, and installed facial recognition gates at Manchester airport that use the latest in biometric technology to check EU nationals into the country.

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