UK Border Agency to create 70 local immigration teams

Newly opened centre at South Belfast to provide base for enforcement officers and deal with asylum claims

21st July 2009: The UK Border Agency inched towards its objective to create around 70 local immigration teams across the UK till December 2011 by opening a new office at South Belfast.

The centre would provide a base for enforcement officers; and also deal with asylum claims, besides the contentious ID cards scheme.

A team of immigration enforcement officers and police entrusted with the task of finding and removing illegal immigrants will now be based at the new centre near Forestside. Until now, the officers were travelling from Scotland or England.

The UK Border Agency Office, which was officially opened yesterday, will in fact house a variety of immigration business. 

The team of special officers there are expected to work alongside police officers assigned with the same objective.

Northern Ireland Office minister Paul Goggins said the facility would ensure the right advice and support for those coming to live and work in the province. The office would also deal “appropriately” with those in Northern Ireland illegally.

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