UK calls for global action to end modern slavery

modern slavery

UK Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime Karen Bradley has called for global action to end modern slavery.

Forced labourAddressing global respresentatives at the UN, Ms Bradley said the UK has taken world-leading action through the Modern Slavery Act to ensure convicted slave traders can be imprisoned for life and to place a duty on large businesses to report on their global supply chains.

“We know that right now, across the world, there are tens of millions of our fellow human beings who are enslaved,” Ms Bradley said. “Our law enforcement agencies are increasing the number of perpetrators being brought to justice and starting to use the new powers they have been granted under the act. We are piloting further ways of protecting those who are most vulnerable to being drawn into slavery.”

Last year the UK became the third country in the world to ratify the International Labour Organisation’s forced labour protocol which commits to end forced labour.

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