UK may introduce visas for some EU citizens

The government is considering visa controls to prevent some European Union citizens from coming to the UK.

Home Secretary Theresa May told The Sunday Times that the EU’s freedom of movement directive, which guarantees the right to travel freely within the EU, should be reviewed.

Ms. May expressed concern that the EU expansion and unfettered freedom to travel could lead to big levels of economic migration.

“We are looking at this whole area of the abuse of the freedom of movement. But we will go further on this, and the issue of free movement will be part of the review,” Ms. May told the Sunday Times.

UK is supposed to lift work restrictions on migrants from Romania and Bulgaria next year, a move that some experts hold will lead to an influx of jobseekers.

Prime Minister David Cameron has also supported the plan to introduce visa restrictions for some EU citizens. “I believe in free movement, but two weeks ago, I visited two factories in a week, and I asked the question: how many people do you employ from other EU countries? In one it was 60 per cent, in the other it was 50 per cent,” Mr. Cameron told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show. “Heavens above, we have got so many unemployed people in our country that we want to train and educate and give apprenticeships to and get back into work…we’ve already capped immigration from outside the EU on economic grounds.”

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