UK not to close doors on Indians to control immigration

*British and Indian Governments keen to further strengthen ties

*UK Government would ensure new norms do not affect Indian business in UK

26th August 2010: Even as the India Government conveyed its concern to Britain over the country’s decision to impose a cap on immigration from non-European Union countries, British Immigration Minister Damian Green has asserted his Government is extremely keen to further strengthen already very strong ties with India.


Green said his country has no plans to erect barriers and close doors on Indians in its efforts to control immigration effectively.

Green asserted: "I wanted to tackle the perception that the UK’s new immigration policy was about erecting barriers and closing doors. It is not and I hope that I have been able to explain this during my visit."

Green said British Government would ensure the new norms do not affect the Indian business in the UK, and overall trade ties between the two countries.

On a three-day visit to India, Green met Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi, and said they have been discussing a number of issues related to immigration. “We both are keen to work together to combat illegal immigration," Green added.

Both the sides also discussed ways to control illegal migration and decided to continue the dialogue in future also to address issues related to migration.

The assertion came after Ravi talked about the "historical ties" between the two countries, while requesting him to ensure Indian students and professionals did not suffer due to changes in the immigration norms. Ravi said he has requested Green not to equate India with any other country.

Green, on the other hand, said immigration into Britain has been too high in the last decade and has put pressures on the public services.

Green further said he would also be discussing Indian student immigration to Great Britain so that students could be benefited from British education.

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