UK spends £134 million on removals

The UK Border Agency has spent almost £134 million on flights for the deportation of immigrants, Immigration Minister Damian Green has said.

In the Financial year 2007-08, the government spent £20,295,271 while in the Financial year 2008-09, the government spent £26,789,716. In the Financial year 2009-10, the government spent £29,290,204 while in the Financial year 2010-11 it spent £29,034,845.

The government further spent £28,442,081 in removals in the Financial year 2011-12. In total, £133,852,116 have been spent for removals in the last five years.

In a written response to Mr. Alun Cairns, MP for Vale of Glamorgan, Mr. Green said: “Where a removal is cancelled after a ticket has been issued, we always seek a refund from the carrier where the ticket type allows. The three most significant reasons for cancellation are where a person makes a late application for asylum, launches a last minute appeal to the courts (e.g. a judicial review) or where the detainee becomes so disruptive that the airline refuses to carry the person.”

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