UK stars ask David Cameron to resettle more Syrian refugees

26th January 2015: Top British celebrities including British Oscar winner Emma Thompson, Michael Palin, Dame Vivienne Westwood and musician Sting, have criticised the UK Government for failing to resettle more refugees from Syria.

A Syrian refugeeIn an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, the stars join Refugee Council, Amnesty International and Oxfam in asking Britain to resettle more refugees from Syria.

So far the UK Government has only resettled 90 Syrian refugees under a special resettlement scheme announced on 29th January 2014.

Latest figures show that more than 3.7 million refugees have fled Syria to the neighbouring countries. Refugee Council said many of the Syrian refugees are struggling to survive in the region’s severe winter conditions.

In their letter to Mr Cameron, the celebrities say: “In a climate where children are sent to work in order to help their parents survive, where young girls are sold off as child brides and where torture victims are unable to rebuild their lives, every resettlement place countries like Britain provide is a lifeline.

“Resettling ‘several hundred people’ just isn’t good enough for a global leader. This issue isn’t about migration statistics or party politics, it’s about people. It’s about the values that we in Britain hold dear; compassion and humanity.

“Your choice is simple, yet historic. You are in a position to offer some of the most vulnerable people in the world safety in Britain. You can offer hope. You can offer a future.”

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