UK to remove irregular immigrants who refuse to leave voluntarily

The government will take action to remove foreign nationals with no permission to be in the UK if they refuse to return home voluntarily, Paul Wylie, head of Home Office Immigration Enforcement in London has said.

“This includes those from within the European Economic Area who have been in the country for longer than three months and are not working, studying or self-sufficient, as required by EU law,” he said.

Last Friday Home Office immigration enforcement officers joined police in a crack down on Romanian rough sleepers near London's Marble Arch.

Immigration enforcement officers assisted with a Metropolitan Police operation targeting a number of rough sleepers living in and around Marble Arch in London.

They questioned 63 Romanian nationals, many of whom indicated that they will return to their home country voluntarily. Approximately 20 were placed on flights that left airports in the South East last Friday afternoon. The others were still being processed.

Mr. Wylie said: “We are involved in numerous operations like this every day in London, tackling illegal immigration, sham marriages and illegal working. By working closely with the Metropolitan Police Service in this way we were able to identify and arrest a number of immigration offenders from Eastern Europe.”

Last month a similar operation in Hendon, North London, saw the voluntary departure of 19 Romanian nationals with further 24 scheduled to leave in the coming days.

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Maajid Nawaz is Liberal Democrat candidate for Kilburn and Hampstead