UK video game trade body condemns proposed immigration cap

TIGA believes it could limit recruitment of talent from outside UK

23rd September 2010: A UK video game trade body, TIGA, too has condemned the proposed immigration cap. The body believes it could limit the recruitment of skilled game industry talent from outside UK borders.

Describing it as a poorly targeted measure, TIGA CEO Richard Wilson said they strongly opposed not just the proposed interim limits, but also the permanent limits on highly skilled migrants, especially highly skilled workers with a job offer.

The assertion came in comments to conservative politician Theresa May

As of now, there is already an apprehension that the country is becoming less attractive for best video game talent, with lack of desired tax breaks for game companies in the UK.
Quoting TIGA research, Wilson said it showed 39 per cent of UK developers suffered skill shortages last year.

Game development is a highly skilled business and technology changes rapidly in the games industry, with the consequence that the specialist skills needed by the industry may simply not exist in the UK, he said.

If skilled personnel are not available in the UK, games businesses must be free to recruit them from elsewhere. These arbitrary limits could prevent development studios from completing projects on time, stymie expansion plans and limit the ability of studios to win new contracts, he said.

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