UKBA to carry check illegal workers in Southall area

Arrests six in Western International Market; `more such operations planned’
15th November 2010: The UK Border Agency plans to carry out operations to target illegal workers in Southall area.
It has already arrested six persons after carrying out raid on two wholesalers on the Western International Market in Southall; and more such operations are planned.

Describing it as `the latest in a series of operations in the area’, UKBA assistant director John Lang said: ‘We continue to have success in targeting illegal workers in the this area, and more of these kinds of operations are planned.

‘My message for businesses is that it pays to play by the rules. Check the status of your staff.

‘Employers of illegal migrants can be hit with big fines – but if you deliberately employ an illegal worker you could face criminal prosecution.’

The UKBA elaborated: `Following an intelligence tip-off, around 20 officers visited Jaystar and A1 Veg Ltd just after 02:30 on the morning of Thursday 11 November to carry out checks on staff.

`Five Indian men aged between 24 and 33 were arrested at Jaystar. Three had stayed in the country after their visas had expired, while two had entered the UK illegally.
`At A1 Veg Ltd a 26-year-old Indian failed asylum seeker was also arrested’.

The UKBA said it will now take action to remove all six from the UK. Their employers could now face a fine of up to £10,000 per illegal worker, unless they can prove that they carried out the correct right-to-work checks on their staff.

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