UKBA to respond to immigration policy posers, even after parliament dissolution

Team dealing with removal to review prospective parliamentary candidate’s information


16th April 2010:
The UK Border Agency has asserted that it policy on handling correspondence from MPs will change when Parliament is dissolved; and MPs become prospective parliamentary candidates. 

But where removal action is imminent, the prospective parliamentary candidate’s information will be reviewed by the team dealing with the removal.

In the absence of written authority, the UKBA will, however, not give a substantive response even if removal is delayed or stopped as a result of an intervention.

The UKBA has also clarified it would continue to respond substantively on all questions on immigration policy as well as enquiries from Members of the European Parliament and Members of the House of Lords.

The UKBA has asserted: `Once Parliament is dissolved, they (MPs) will lose their constitutional right to represent their constituents’ grievances to government.

`These changes will mean that we will not be able to respond to former MPs, or prospective parliamentary candidates on individual cases, unless there is a signed letter of authority from the individual they are representing.

`Letters and emails written before the 12 April 2010 will receive substantive replies, and these will be sent to the House of Commons or sent to the originating email address to be forwarded to the relevant former MP.

`Enquiries to MP Account Managers will be handled in the same way as letters and emails’.

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