UKBA to slash staff by 30 per cent

Move follows clearing of backlog

5th April 2010: The UK Border Agency’s staff is being slashed, as it “clears the backlog of cases”.
The Border Agency said the staff was being reduced on a voluntary basis also because of the lowest quarterly asylum figures for 18 years.

The UKBA claimed the move would affect only a low proportion of staff and efforts would be on to ensure the maintenance of frontline services.

The move to cut down on the staff came to light after an e-mail was sent to senior UK Border Agency staff detailing plans for staff cuts of 30 per cent.

The mail from personnel chief Joe Dugdale said the frontline services would not be affected. But offices at key ports, including Dover, have been told they will no longer man immigration desks 24×7.

The cuts are expected to affect London including offices in Croydon – Liverpool, Sheffield and Kent.

Even as the Border Agency claimed proper maintenance of frontline services, the move resulted in sharp criticism, with the critics claiming the entire exercise was being carried out just to save money.           

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said of the Prime Minister was privately preparing to sack immigration officers to save money.

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