UKIP ahead of Tories on Immigration – YouGov poll

Despite a successful and much publicised launch earlier this week of the Government's plans to tighten up the immigration system, a new YouGov poll reveals that UKIP remain the most trusted political party to deal with the issue of Immigration.

At least 24% of the public would put their faith in UKIP to deal with the issue, compared to 19% for the Conservatives, 12% for the Labour Party and 5% for the Liberal Democrats.

The Government's campaign has moved the dial, however. YouGov asked the same question earlier this month – before the 'crackdown' was trailed in the media – and UKIP were even further ahead, on 28% to the Conservatives' 15%.

The individual policies the Prime Minister announced in his speech on Monday are each supported by strong majorities of the public, and across all party groups.

Support ranges from an overwhelming 86% who support fining companies that employ illegal immigrants to a still hefty 70% who support tighter controls on jobseekers allowance for European migrants.

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