UKIP calls for end to mass uncontrolled immigration

But, includes Somali asylum seeker in campaign team


14th April 2010: Already seeking Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, the UK Independence Party has in its manifesto pledged an end to “mass uncontrolled and unlimited immigration”.

Even as the party said so, the British National Party asserted UKIP’s anti-Islamification and anti-immigration stand was apparently a hoax, as “two out of the five-man strong party election team in Wrexham appear to be Muslim Somali ‘asylum seekers’ who arrived in Britain about four months ago”.

The BNP in its website said UKIP candidate John Humberstone confirmed to British National Party’s North Wales secretary John Walker that a Somali accompanying him was a “member of UKIP” who had arrived in the country just after Christmas.
Wrexham is one of the larger formal dispersal points for Somali ‘asylum seekers’ in North Wales.

The UKIP in its manifesto, in the meantime, also pledged regaining “control of our borders; end abuse of UK asylum system; introduce work permits visas for limited periods; end support for multiculturalism and promote one, common British culture.

The assertion comes at a time when the benefits of migration to the UK’s economy are an open secret.
It is now evident that migration has not only enhanced economic growth, but has general benefits as well. Any attempts to halt or reverse it could be economically damaging.

Otherwise also the opinion on Britain benefiting from multiculturalism is gaining credence. Only recently, former Downing Street adviser Andrew Neather claimed mass migration was encouraged by Labour ministers over the past decade to make the UK truly multicultural, and plug in the gaps in the labour market. He asserted the policy has made London a more attractive and diverse place.

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