Ukip leader to blame Cameron for mass deception on immigration

Farage to charge Tories of making false pre-election promises 9th September 2011: UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage will blame David Cameron of "mass deception" of Conservative voters over topics like immigration, human rights legislation and a referendum on the EU.
In a clear bid for votes on the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party, Farage will give a speech at the Ukip annual conference in Eastbourne. The speech is believed to charge the Tories of making pre-election promises on Europe which they had no intention of keeping.

The speech comes in the middle of conflict on the Tory backbenches over Europe, with a group of young MPs due to meet on Monday. They will discuss how to recast Britain’s relations with the EU and veteran Bill Cash tabling, a Bill demanding a referendum on any moves to closer fiscal union.

Meanwhile, former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton – an Ukip member for about a year – will seek a move to the party’s frontline by standing for a post on its ruling national executive committee.

In a full-scale attack on Conservative credentials on the European Union, Farage is expected to tell the conference that there has been a "total breakdown in trust" in all the major parties, with Labour voters disillusioned by the financial crisis and Iraq and Lib Dems by the U-turn on tuition fees.

He is expected to elaborate the most disappointed, are the millions of Conservative voters who believed the promises of David Cameron

The Tories’ election strategy is one of mass deception and if you’re a patriotic, anti-EU Tory voter then your party has disappeared. According to Huffington Post,  Farage will also use his speech to float a proposal for an English Parliament, to resolve the tensions caused by devolution of some powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A day after the Government announced the creation of a commission to investigate the so-called West Lothian question; the Ukip leader will say that his party is the first to draw up serious proposals to answer calls for "English votes for English laws".


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