UKIP: Migrants to UK must have private health cover

A new policy initiative launched by UKIP requires migrants coming to the UK to show proof of private health insurance.

Under the new initiative, health insurance would be made a condition of entering the UK. All migrants would be issued with an NHS number on arrival to ensure access to healthcare while in the UK, and the costs would then be recovered by the NHS from the insurers.

A migrant would only become eligible for a national insurance number which would entitle them to NHS care after paying tax and national insurance contributions in the UK for five years.

“Such a regime would initially apply to non-EU nationals until the point that the UK could secure withdrawal from the European Union,” said Tim Aker, Head of UKIP’s Policy Unit. “This change will help to reduce the administrative burden on doctors and hospitals as health insurance would be made a condition of gaining a visa to the UK. Insurance details would then be recorded during the registration process which applies to all patients at GP surgeries and health centres.”

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