Ukrainian people smuggling gang jailed after Home Office operation

Three Ukrainians have been jailed for attempting to smuggle a group of irregular immigrants into the UK.

Oleg Bogdanov, Oleksander Kozak and Oleksii Pavliuchenko were stopped by Border Force officers as they attempted to bring the would-be migrants into the country using the isolated Suffolk quay.

The trio were sentenced to four years, three years four months and two years four months respectively when they appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on 1st October 2014.

The six Ukrainians they had brought into the UK have been removed from the country.

Phillip Holliday, Border Force Regional Director, said: “These smugglers thought that because they were operating at night and because they were targeting a small quay their offences would go undetected. They were wrong.

“The message this case sends out couldn’t be clearer. No matter what route criminals take to try and breach our border controls, we have the capability to stop them. Border Force officers, and our fleet of cutters, play a key role in preventing people smuggling and illegal immigration as well as intercepting shipments of drugs and other prohibited goods.”

Inspector Andy Radcliffe, from the Home Office’s Criminal Investigations Team, said: “Where we have information about suspected illegal immigration we act on it swiftly. Anyone involved in this kind of criminality should know we will catch them and when we do – as these sentences show – the consequences are considerable.”

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