UK’s Immigration Policy still based on myth and rumour, says JCWI

Bulgarian and Romanian workers who were expected to come to the UK in mass have failed to do so. This has prompted the JCWI to criticise the government’s immigration policy saying it is based on myth and rumour.

Yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that “On the issue of Bulgaria and Romania … So far there looks to be a reasonable level of migration.”

JCWI noted that after a year of hysterical headlines, emergency measures, limiting of EU migrants’ rights and political posturing over immigration, the much rumoured flood of Eastern Europeans has amounted to nothing of any note.

According to the JCWI, in order to realise the prediction made by Migration Watch, there will need to be an inflow of 1,000 Bulgarians and Romanians every week until the end of 2019.

The JCWI said that the government has been fearful of opposing the rhetoric in an attempt to appear tough on Europe due to the pressures from its own back benchers.

Mr. Cameron has faced significant criticism from Romania and Bulgaria and Europe for its vilification of poorer nations and scaremongering – all of which affects Britain’s standing in an international world, the JCWI said, adding that the result of this hysteria has been to promote prejudice and mistrust, intolerance and racism.

Habib Rahman, Chief Exec of JCWI said: “For a year and longer we have been saying that predictions on numbers are pointless, there were too many unknown variables in any considerations.

“The hysteria and the worries put in the minds of people threaten social cohesion and goodwill. It is saddening that none of those promoting the myths of a flood of immigration have had the decency to apologise or retract their statements.”

Saira Grant, Legal and Policy Director of JCWI added: “A hallmark of this Government is to create myths over immigration, start believing them and then act to counter them. It creates problems to solve, and in the process it breeds xenophobia and prejudice. The current Immigration Bill is typical, it has little to do with people entering the UK, but everything to do with discriminating against people when they’re here.”

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