UK’s support to ‘circular migration’ to help migrants send money home

Also to reduce impact of skills loss on other countries

03 March 2010:
If you are a migrant, you may find it more convenient to send money back home.

For the UK Government has extended its support to ‘circular migration’. Among other benefits, the move is expected to help the migrants send money back home.

Giving details, the UK Border Agency has asserted: The ministers also committed to support ‘circular migration’ to reduce the impact of skills loss on other countries; ensuring that migrants are able to send money back home; and enabling those who need protection to seek refuge as close to home as possible.

The move comes at a time when the government has launched a new international strategy aimed at “working more closely than ever with foreign governments” to prevent illegal migration, and to give the developing nations a chance to benefit from the skilled temporary residents in the UK without interfering with the workers’ path to citizenship in the UK.
By Monika

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