Useful General Election Websites before the Vote


Ahead of the General Elections, here is our list of the most useful websites you can use to give you the information you need before voting in the polls on May 7th 2015:

1. Guardian: Who is ahead in the polls where you live?

 The interactive map helps you to find out who is leading the race in your constituency based on the latest polling projection

2.  British Future: New Kingsmaker Seats

Summary of the seats that could decide who is the next Prime Minister as well as the diversity vote

3. BBC: Policy guide, where the parties stand

Summary of the political parties positions on key election issues 

4. May 2015: Poll of Polls

Latest poll projections through keeping track of all major poll collectors in the UK. Can even see how many seats the parties will win based on those projections. 

The migrant voice is especially important in this election. If you are a Commonwealth Citizen, be sure to vote. 

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