VIDEO: Benefits brake “will not deter UK-bound migrants”, says Jose Manuel Barroso

Jose Manuel Barroso
Jose Manuel Barroso
Former European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso

The “emergency brake” on in-work benefits paid to EU migrants proposed by UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron will not stop people from coming to the UK, former European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has said.

Mr Cameron would like the 28 EU members to approve a package which includes limiting in-work benefits for migrants for up to four years.

In an interview with the BBC Newsnight, Mr Barroso said levels of immigration would be dependent on future labour market conditions. “People who want to go to Britain, if the basic rights of the people are ensured, they will be willing to go but of course with slightly different conditions.”

He observed that Mr Cameron was doing a good job in his campaign for the UK to stay in the UK, adding that “everyone wants Britain to remain” in the EU.


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