Visa clampdown will see jobs for migrants being slashed by half

Come April, number of posts open to them would come down to 230,000

14th March 2011:
The visa clampdown being announced by the Government will see the jobs for the migrants being slashed by half.
Even as their contribution to the economy and UK’s social fiber is well established, the prospective migrants from outside the European Union are all set to find the road ahead tough, with the ministers announcing that the number of jobs open to them is to be halved.

The adverse development is significant as foreigners were able to lay their hands on work permits for around 500,000 posts which could not be filled by British or EU workers.

But come April, the situation would change, as the number of posts open to them would come down to 230,000 with non-graduate jobs being taken off the Home Office ‘shortage occupation list’.

Those barred would include non-EU beauty salon managers, estate agents, florists, pipe fitters, steel erectors and welders.

Immigration minister Damian Green said the intention behind the move was to ensure migrants were not the ‘first resort’ for firms with vacancies. He also claimed the Government was determined to cut dole queues.
As the new restrictions come into force, it is estimated that approximately 65 per cent of the 8,400 work permits issued last year to workers on the shortage list would not qualify.

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