Visitors are welcome; migrants stay off — UK’s new mantra


Cameron wants visitors’ visas to be issued easily

13th August 2010: David Cameron wants officials to make it easier for foreigners to procure visas to come to Britain.



Cameron had earlier expressed desire of making it tougher for foreigners to get visas. But his statement now makes it clear that how tough or easy it will be to get a visa will eventually depend on the type you are seeking.

The immigration cap announced by the new government in June aims at reducing the number of foreigners given work visas, while the latest announcement intends to increase the number of foreigners issued tourist visas.

With this it is also apparent that the government is sending out the word that Britain welcomes visitors who come to spend time and money, but not migrants coming to work.

The message comes in the prime minister’s speech on boosting tourism industry.

Cameron made it clear said he was resolute on removing some of the obstacles that “put people off coming here" and wanted to improve the local delivery of visa services in key markets like China and India.

The assertion comes within months of Indian Commerce minister Anand Sharma expressing concerns in Downing Street about the adverse effect of new work visas restrictions.



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