Voting Rights for Migrants in the UK

If you are a Commonwealth Citizen, then you are eligible to vote in the UK elections.

To vote in the UK General Election you must be registered to vote and:

– aged 18 or over on polling day

– a British citizen,

– Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic

– not legally excluded from voting

It takes two minutes to register to vote online. You can register to vote here.

polling station sign general election uk

Being a migrant and being able to vote is particularly significant. You are encouraged to register as your election voice could change the debate on immigration, business, the economy and international student issues. It is important to ask questions and create a healthier debate that recognises the positive contribution of migrants to the UK. Your vote gives you a voice on the issues affecting your community.

The next general election will be held on Thursday 07 May 2015 so be sure to register your vote!

The final day to register to vote is April 20th 2015.

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