Wave of Polish immigration to UK is over, says Ambassador Sobkow

Poland's Ambassador to the UK Witold Sobkow has said the “huge wave” of migration from Poland to the UK and EU is now over.

He told The Independent that many Polish people now prefer to remain in Poland rather than move to the UK because of “more opportunities” at home.

“This huge wave of people who came to EU countries trying to get well-paid jobs is over now,” he told The Independent. “There are more opportunities in Poland, we have had huge economic success, wages are higher in Poland now and there are more jobs in many parts of Poland, so I think this is over.”

He added: “We are getting out of the crisis and there are more and more opportunities in Poland. Of course people would like to stay in Poland and not live abroad. They love the UK but if you are at home there is no place like home.”

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