Welsh councillor: “Immigrants to the UK should be classified as illegal”

“I would put a fence around the entire UK and stop any more illegal immigrants with immediate effect.

“Ahead of the fence builders I would rush an Act through Parliament to reclassify all immigrants as being illegal immigrants.”

Mike Harris, a Welsh independent councillor elected to Torfaen council in May to represent Pontypool, exposed his political thought on immigration on his Facebook site.

His comments were challenged on Facebook by Labour councillor David Daniels, who wrote: “Are you seriously saying that you would personally welcome ALL immigrants being reclassified as illegal? How far back into the family history of each citizen do you suggest we go? I’m pretty sure that if I traced back far enough through my family tree, I’d probably find that we’re not totally ‘British’ anyway.”


Mr Harris responded: “David, I am a British ex-serviceman who wants to see the Great put back into Britain. We were doing just fine and dandy in science and entrepreneurialism before immigration started to get out of hand. Native British are now treated like second-class citizens in their own country while asylum seekers and immigrants are pushed to the front of the queue for housing, jobs and benefits.

“Towns and cities all over our beautiful country now resemble parts of Asia and Africa.

“Muslim extremism is flourishing on the streets of Britain. What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today? They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent. They did not fight for multiculturalism, political correctness, or to see our country flooded with foreigners and our own people made into second class citizens.

“Time to put a stop to any more immigration or we will lose our identity.”

Mr Harris’s Facebook site contains a link to the far right British National Party’s immigration policy on its website.

Mr Harris, a 50-year-old former Lead Seaman in the Royal Navy, who said he spent years working in the Middle East, was unrepentant for his comments.

 “Immigration is an issue that affects the whole of the UK. We can’t afford to have these people here,” he said.

Asked why he had a link to the BNP’s website on his Facebook site, Mr Harris said he agreed with the party’s “sensible” immigration policies which he said were not racist.

“I’m not a racist", he answered, "There is a difference between being racist and being anti-immigration. I’m anti-immigration.”

He also denied being homophobic: “I have gay friends,” he said. “I object to any kind of parading of sexuality in public.”


Source: Wales Online

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