West Balkans may lose rights to visa free travel

 EC to reintroduce visa requirement on third countries

24th May 2011: The European Home Affairs Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstroem, is expected to introduce proposals for putting in a clause in the 2001 visa regulations. This would enable the European Union to reintroduce visa requirements on third countries.
The EU executive body has cautioned that inhabitants of West Balkans such as Serbia, Macedonia could lose their rights to visa free travel to the European Union, if exploitation of system was not effectively handled.

The European Commission is being compelled to take this move due to criticism from many member states, about citizens of this country looking for migration to the European Union for monetary motives.

Illegal immigration in domestic politics is now pushing member states to be harsh on misuse of visa free travel. Although European Institutions and member states all want to hold on to the basic rules of free movement of goods and people – rising discontentment among voters is forcing politician’s hands.

Initially there was a row between Italy and France about illegal migrants who have been given temporary Italian residencies. Then later both countries together wanted a change in Schengen rules that allow countries to strengthen border controls, in wider situations than currently allowed. Member states have signed off on that proposal, but there are some clashes ahead in the European Parliament.

The victory of anti European parties in recent elections, have compounded the attempts of politicians across the European Union, to be seen working towards restricting illegal immigration and protecting the public purse.
With the Euro’s luck hanging in the balance and member state population becoming less inclined towards European integration, the doubt is whether the European Union has the capability to become accustomed to new political realities and continue as a unit.

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