White British children a minority: Birmingham and Leicester

Rising rate of immigration, plus more white families moving out of the city.

26th January 2011: Asian, African and other ethnic communities have integrated themselves so well with society, in two Britain cities, that the white British children are becoming a minority.

A research has found that Birmingham and Leicester are now being dominated by under 16’s belonging to Asian, African, and other ethnic communities.

Quoting the research ,the Daily Mail have asserted that white children comprise just 47 percent of the population in both cities now. As far as Birmingham is concerned, the report stated that 53 percent of children under 16 were from white families in 2006.

At the time of the last census in 2001, 70.4 percent of Birmingham’s population of all age ranges was white and 29.6 percent from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, dominated by those with Asian, Caribbean and African origins.

The figures, which are likely to be established by this year’s census, suggest that white children have become a minority group for the first time. This has happened despite the fact that they are the biggest single ethnic group.

One of the reasons attributed behind the change in Birmingham is the rising rate of immigration, while more white families were moving out of the city.

The report forecasts that the proportion of children belonging to this category from ethnic minorities in Birmingham would rise to about 64 percent by 2026, while the proportion of children from white families will be 36 per cent in the country’s second biggest city.

In Leicester it is foreseen that children from white families will make up 31.8 percent of under 16s by 2026.

It is predicted in the report that by 2024 no ethnic group will form a majority. At present the total population of the city is just over one million.

The calculations are contained in reports by the Cathie Marsh Institute at the University of Manchester. Birmingham City Council commissioned the Birmingham report, while the Leicester estimates are from a student’s dissertation.


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