`White working-class ignored over mass immigration’

Cabinet Minister says councils blind to needs of ordinary voters

1st December 2009:
In what is being seen as a reaction to the somewhat escalating popularity of the British National Party, a Cabinet Minister said Labour and local councils to some extend ignored the white working-class over mass immigration.

Communities Secretary John Denham said the Labour’s policies on mass migration and multi-culturalism did result in a feeling of insecurity and unfairness in some of the less affluent areas of Britain.

The assertion came soon after former Downing Street adviser Andrew Neather said mass migration was encouraged by Labour ministers over the past decade to make the UK truly multicultural, and plug in the gaps in the labour market.

Neather, who worked as a speechwriter for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, had asserted the policy made London a more attractive and diverse place; and mass influx of migrant workers was neither a mistake, nor a miscalculation. It was rather a policy the party preferred not to reveal to its core voters.

Denham said councils had turned a blind eye to the needs of several ordinary voters by apparently favouring the ethnic minorities when it came to public services, housing and jobs.

The remarks came during a TUC conference held to mark the 10th anniversary of the inquiry into the racially-motivated murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Denham said racism and race inequality could be challenged effectively as part of a strategy that tackled all forms of inequality; and it ought to include poorer, white working-class communities, as well as ethnic communities.


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