Why some immigrants voted for Conservatives-Lib-Dem

Angry over Iraq, Afghanistan invasion, some Muslims voted for Conservatives 17th May 2010: Just over 10 days after the general elections, it is becoming fast clear why many of the estimated 2.5 million Asians chose to close their eyes to Labour and voted instead for Conservatives and Lib-Dem government.
The Tories have traditionally maintained good relations with India. Otherwise also, some non-resident Indian entrepreneurs usually vote for the Conservatives to protect their business interests. But these are not the only reasons.

An analysis of the results reveals a large number of Muslim voters were feeling aggrieved over the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. They voted for the Conservatives.

A substantial number of old immigrants too were in favour of putting a cap on immigration. In fact, the immigrants putting up in Britain since long believe the country was getting “over-populated” because of the new wave of immigration.

Some of the immigrants, who arrived in the UK from Asian and other countries in one of early waves of migration in the 1960s believed the country was getting overpopulated with too many people coming in from everywhere, especially Europe

They felt immigrants, such as Poles, were taking over jobs from the children and grandchildren of previous generation of immigrants.

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