Why the UK should avoid banning the burqa

It would be illiberal and un-British for the UK to ban the burqa, argues Daniel Pryor of Adam Smith Institute.

In the article titled “Banning the burqa would be illiberal and un-British”, Mr. Pryor observes note that the tabling of Philip Hollobone MP’s Face Coverings (Prohibition) bill — which aims to ban the burqa in public places — has reignited the debate surrounding this controversial issue.

“It's worth examining the tangible consequences of such a ban in other countries, rather than the motivations behind those who advocate it here. In the case of France, banning the burqa was followed by a wave of verbal and violent attacks on Muslims: some estimates suggest that physical attacks on women wearing the niqab increased by as much as 34% after the introduction of the ban. Such vehement hatred of Muslim custom doesn’t seem to be as prevalent in the UK, but state-sanctioned discrimination would likely encourage similar hate crimes.”

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